Style Guide: Flat Caps & Newsboy Caps

Hats can make a great statement piece when added to your look and can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up for a special event. Flat caps and Newsboy Caps can be seen worn by people far and wide from the classic countryside style to a more casual street style.

Flat caps and Newsboy Caps have become increasingly popular with the recent TV series Peaky Blinders and with the turning of a new decade, 1920s fashion grew in popularity. Did you know, however, that there are different styles of caps? Here at Dollar Jeans, we have put together a handy guide of the history of flat caps and ways in which they can be styled.

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Newsboy Cap

The Newsboy cap style is extremely popular and has many different names. Often shortened to newsy caps or paper boy caps, this style was extremely popular with the working class in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

As the name indicates, these hats were often worn by the lads out on the streets selling newspapers. However, they were also popular with the more upper-class gentleman who would wear them when shooting and hunting – these caps are often spotted in these more affluent settings even today!


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Did you know?

These caps were also often referred to as ‘Bakerboy Caps’ however they were never really associated with baking.


Flat Caps

Flat caps are a classic style that date back all the way to the 14th Century! It became very popular in the 19th and 20th Centuries in England, Scotland and Ireland and has stayed pride of place in quintessential British style.

Flat caps have also had various names over the years, these include crook cap, driving cap, ivy cap golf cap and even a cabbie cap, named fondly after London cab drivers.


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Structure of our Caps

The structure of Newsboy caps and Flat caps differs in various ways. Newsboy caps are more rounded with a low profile and a small stiff brim. Although, Flat caps share some of these similarities, Newsboys are noticeably rounder and puffier looking.

Newsboy caps are sewn together from the top creating eight panels and are topped with a button to cover where the material joins together. Flat caps differ from this, in that they are usually sewn from the back in several strips of material to create a seamless look.

Material that is frequently used in the production of these caps can differ from tweed and cotton to a more modern leather or synthetic blend style. You can find a wide range of different material in our online store –


How to Style

Now you know a bit about the history and structure of these popular caps, you’re perhaps wondering how you can incorporate one into your wardrobe.

These have been rocked by many celebrities over the years such as David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Samuel L Jackson. As previously mentioned, these caps have peaked (excuse the pun!) in popularity since Peaky Blinders first aired, so adding one to your wardrobe will ensure you are on trend!

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Flat caps and Newsboys are also popular with women and have been spotted worn by Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz. All our styles are unisex and here at Dollar Jeans we don’t think clothing should be gendered which is why it is important to us to show how our products can be worn by anyone.

In terms of look, if you are after a fuller topped hat, the Newsboy should be your go-to choice. These can be dressed up or down and look great paired with a shirt and braces.

If you are after a more streamlined look, the flat cap is a great option. The flat cap is great for classic British country style and look perfect teamed with wax jackets, tweed waistcoats and checked shirts.


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Now you know how to style our caps, why not treat yourself to your next favourite accessory over on our website!