Into the WILD

Here at Dollar Jeans we showcase a broad variety of styles and fashion genres. Today I’ll be talking about our WILD collection, exploring the ways in which you can style gothic clothing and delving into the origin of the gothic style itself.

What is gothic fashion?

The term ‘gothic’ has many different definitions and connotations. In film and literature, the gothic embodies horror, suspense and even romance but the term ‘gothic’ actually originates from 16th century French architecture - think tall, cascading spires and high, looming archways.

Old Age Gothic fashion predominantly takes inspiration from 18th and 19th century fashion - elegant Victorian dresses, corsets, Mourning dress, veils, black lace, leather, long silk gloves and dark makeup. In more recent years however, gothic fashion has exploded into alternative new subcultures.

The New Age Gothic (also called: goth, emo or Alt) is an amalgamation of the old Victorian-esque gothic styles, punk and popular culture influences such as music and film. What was once a hard-to-find, hard-to-wear Gothic is now an all-inclusive, evolving style available to everyone. You can buy gothic clothing with us, online or instore. Browse our WILD range online and check out our graphic tees for yourself.

What styles of gothic t-shirts are there?

Gothic styles can be distinguished by, but are not limited to, the following core themes:

1. Anti-conformist

Our range of WILD t-shirts stand out from the crowd! Express yourself with one of our bold Dragon Tie-Dye t-shirts. Easily style these dragon t-shirts with dark jeans, boots, or trainers to complete your look.

As our WILD range contains gender-neutral gothic clothing and is available in sizes small to 3XL, you can style all these t-shirts as fitted or oversized for that super casual look.

2. Mortality

Our Grim Reaper t-shirts feature graphic designs ranging from scythes to motorcyclists, find the style that suits your edge. These t-shirts are easy to style with plain trousers, like ripped denim jeans. WILD t-shirts are also easy to style up with a denim jacket or overshirt.

As seen above, our WILD t-shirts come in two main styles: black or tie-dye. For a simple look that highlights the t-shirt’s graphic design, choose black and style with your choice of colour. For a look that’s out-there, choose tie-dye and let your t-shirt lead your outfit.

3. Nature

Connect to the great outdoors with our gothic Wolf t-shirts. From dreamcatchers to wolf pups, we have plenty of options available. Alongside regular and kingsize t-shirts, we also stock children’s WILD clothing, so make sure to check out our children’s range to kit out your entire pack.

Our WILD t-shirts feature a graphic on the front and back. Designs featured on the back of the t-shirts are either a small graphic of the front design or a sister design of the same genre.

4. Inner strength

Our lion t-shirts and tiger tees showcase inner pride and fire! Highlight your WILD side with one of our designs featuring big cat prides or white tigers. For a more relaxed, loungewear style, team your t-shirt with a pair of joggers or comfortable shorts.

A staple of any outfit, our stylish WILD t-shirts can be worn all year round, no matter the season or occasion. Our graphic tees would be a wonderful gift for any gothic fashion fan or animal lover.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about gothic fashion or are interested in our WILD range, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @DollarJeans, email us at or give us a call on 01522 575871.